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Is This Your Answered Prayer?

✔️ Have you tried "everything" to have a child?

✔️ Have you unsuccessfully tried rounds and rounds of IVF for yourself?

✔️ Have you considering growing their family through surrogacy, but didn't know where to start?

✔️ Have you been caught up in the red tape of adoption?

✔️ Have you tried all of the annoying “old wives’ tales"?

✔️ Have you begun the surrogacy process and are overwhelmed with all the moving parts?


Take Your First Step!

Here's How I Will Help You...

In Easy-To-Consume video lessons and downloadable documents:

✔️ I'll show you how to find the surrogate who's right for you

✔️ I'll give you questions to ask potential surrogacy agencies

✔️ I'll tell you how to protect your parental rights over your children born via surrogacy

✔️ I'll lay out the specific terms that must be in your contract with the surrogate

✔️ I'll help you to never worry about whether an agency, doctor or attorney is getting over on you

✔️ I'll tell you about the psychological exams your surrogate must pass

✔️ I'll show you how to make sure your agency doesn't mishandle your funds used throughout the surrogacy process

If you’ve ever considered surrogacy, you need The Surrogacy Path.


Take Your First Step!

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Who is Corlandos Scott

I'm a surrogacy attorney based out of Los Angeles, California.  As a proud father of two, I love nothing more than to see the look on my clients’ faces after they experience the birth of their own babies.  After practicing law for nearly a decade, I regularly write and speak on the subject of assisted reproduction and I've published a number of articles on the topic. I'm a beast at helping people make babies through surrogacy!  When I'm not in helping-make-babies mode, you might find me playing the saxophone or at the movie theater!

In less time than it takes to vet the google results for "best IVF doctor," you will know . . .

  • What Questions To Ask Potential Surrogacy Agencies
  • How To Choose A Surrogacy Attorney And What Questions To Ask Potential Candidates
  • The Specific Terms That Must Be In Your Contract With The Surrogate
  • How To Lay The Groundwork For A Relationship With Your Surrogate That Is Built On Trust And Mutual Respect
  • How To Never Worry About Whether An Agency, Doctor Or Attorney Is Getting Over On You
  • Who You’ll Need On Your Team To Ensure Your Best Chances Of Surrogacy Success
  • How To Find The Surrogate Who's Right For You
  • How To Think Through And Discuss The Important Consideration Of Your Surrogate’s Being Willing To Undergo Crucial Medical Testing
  • Choosing A Healthcare Center, Reproductive Endocrinologist, Obstetrician And Reserving The Right For A Second Opinion
  • How To Protect Your Parental Rights Over Your Children Born Via Surrogacy

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